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Waves Change Lives 

StreetWaves' mission is to expand the opportunities of youth whose socioeconomic, historic and/or cultural differences have excluded them from the ocean and shoreline. Since 2008 we have offered mentorship and educational lessons in swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, boating, ocean awareness, offshore fishing and water safety. Our programs are always free of charge to youth participants.

Kids and Cops Fishing

Project EmPOWER


Kids & Cops Offshore
Fishing Trips &Annual Tournament
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 After School Programs

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The Endless Summer Surf Camps

Private Lessons




StreetWaves Corp. is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to empower and mentor under-served youth through swimming, surfing, boating and ocean safety and education. Our goal is to inspire and expand the opportunities of under resourced and under exposed children by providing access to get off of the streets and into the oceans waves. We believe that the majesty of the sea and the mastery of self while in the ocean cultivate courage, confidence, commitment, and character. Our team is dedicated to helping transform the lives of America’s youth by mentoring students through ocean based water sports, environmental education, ocean awareness and marine based activities and careers as they develop their personal foundation through a bonded relationship with the sea.


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