The Endless summer surf camps

The Endless Summer Surf Camps are sponsored in part by Surfings Evolution and Preservation Foundation and is an extension of our awesome aquatics enrichment programs. Designed to provide surfing, ocean safety skills, environmental education, social skill development and mentorship to underserved communities during the summertime. Our educational marine-based programs are enriching and effective and our innovative and exciting camp gets rave reviews from our student participants and parents. Thanks to our relationship with Bruce Brown Films, the makers of the original iconic 1960's The Endless Summer movie, we are the official The Endless Summer Surf Camp. The work of Bruce Brown Films and StreetWaves really resonate with one another. Both the movie and our organization go out on a limb to make surfing adventures happen even for those less likely to experience surfing. In The Endless Summer film we witness Robert August and Michael Hynson travel to Africa and share their love with the native people by giving free surf lessons in Ghana and Senegal, two countries that now have thriving surf scenes 60 years later. StreetWaves believes that majesty of the sea and the mastery of the ocean cultivate essential life-skills and supports the development of character, courage, and self-esteem while integrating student participants with an expanded and diverse community. 


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