​StreetWaves is founded by Maurice “Maui” Goodbeer, a “Soul Surfer” from San Diego, California who has dedicated his life to bringing youth from under-served communities out to the ocean to swim, surf and sail. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offers its program free of charge to participants through generous donations, grants and volunteerism. StreetWaves has successfully taught thousands of youth surfing, swimming and boating and provides an enriching outdoor experience that connects participants with nature, their community at large, and themselves.

Founded on Forgiveness: In 2003 Maui Goodbeer's younger brother Melvyn W. Patterson III was brutally gunned down in an Oceanside, California shopping mall by a 16 year old gang member.  Maui, while delivering his brothers eulogy, made a promise that he would personally do "something" to help youth in need. In 2008 the vision for StreetWaves came to him while out on a lone surf session in Miami Beach. 

The StreetWaves Mentorship program is designed to provide professional level instruction in swimming, surfing, and boating safety and shares environmental education and exposure to maritime careers. Our youth mentorship program serves as a powerful transformational catalyst for individual expression and provides a safe haven for children during after-school hours. StreetWaves expands the opportunities of youth whose socioeconomic, historic and/or cultural differences may have excluded them from the ocean and shoreline. It is our firm belief that the majesty of the Ocean and the wisdom of the Wave provide a powerful opportunity for personal growth. 

The StreetWaves team is passionate about exposing BIPOC youth to ocean life. We are dedicated to transforming the lives of America’s youth by mentoring students through open water sports as they develop their personal foundation through a bonded relationship with the sea and connect with peers and mentors in an empowering experience where they will feel camaraderie, love and respect. Our well-trained, committed team members are Red Cross certified Lifeguards and our vetted volunteers include youth that have been promoted from within the program as well as leading community mentors, surfers, teachers and special guests who volunteer in guiding youth through our instructional swim, surf, sailing and boating programs. 

StreetWaves is now serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and continues to build its capacity along the coast. We are currently looking to partner with youth organizations and we are recruiting volunteers. ​If you would like to participate, volunteer, or make a donation, please contact us at info@streetwaves.org / 786-267-8448 


Meet the StreetWaves Team

Maurice "Maui" Goodbeer

Maui founded StreetWaves, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in 2008 and has mentored thousands of children through the unique aquatics and surf program. 

Focusing on under-served and under-exposed communities, StreetWaves aims to offer life-saving swimming lessons and empowering surf lessons to children and teens free of charge to their families. 

An experienced surfer and entrepreneur from San Diego, CA, Maui had a vision for StreetWaves during a lone surf session after a 16-year-old gang member brutally gunned down his 21-year-old younger brother Melvyn. While delivering the eulogy of his little brother, Maui promised to make a difference in the lives of youth in need. StreetWaves fulfills this promise and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of youth in honor of Melvyn. Maui is a motivational speaker and active community leader. He is a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.


Christina Nicodemou



Christina's passion for empowering youth and providing inspiring community services drives her leadership and vision for sharing the StreetWaves mission. As a board member, Christina is skilled in driving our organization to reach its peak potential and continue to successfully grow. Combining her professional experience, grant-writing abilities and marketing skills with her passion for engaging youth in nature, she has broadened the scope of student participants that are touched by StreetWaves' powerful mentorship program. Her commitment to our organization's mission since 2010 has been a valuable component of our expanding reach and steady success. 


Winston Rowlands

A Peruvian native and a 20+ year resident of Hawaii, Winston brings over 40 years of international surfing experience and surf instructor skills to StreetWaves. Our team has learned so much from him and he has shared so much insight with the participants of our Aquatics Enrichment Program. This program takes the students from wherever they are in their individual skill levels and turns them into great swimmers and surfers in a consecutive 9-week program. We are stoked to have Winston on our team as a head coach of our Deerfield Aquatics Enrichment After-School program.

David "Flash" Neossaint

David began surfing with StreetWaves as a student participant and quickly became one of our program's most frequent surfers. He felt so strongly about the positive impact of our mentorship program that he returned to lead as one of our instructors and now is a mentor to youth himself. He has infectious charisma, inspiring stories and great surf skills that he shares with our students. Nicknamed "Flash" for his lightening quick moves, David has been an important part of the 

StreetWaves Surf Program and continues to be one of our most requested instructors. 

Coach Bev joined us after traveling down from Maryland to volunteer for the organization. Having surfed a few waves in El Salvador, where she once lived, Coach Bev immediately became passionate about the StreetWaves message and mission. Coach Bev served ten years with the Prince George’s County Police Department in her hometown of Maryland and is now retired. Coach Bev is a Red Cross certified lifeguard and also a member of Diversity in Aquatics/Florida Gold Coast Master Swimming and certified swim instructor. Coach Bev has an immense love for the ocean and we are very happy to have her on the team. 
Thaddeus Gamory

Thaddeus came to StreetWaves through our partnership with the Diversity in Aquatics organization, whose support enhances our StreetWaves focus on “reaching under-resourced communities, offering life-saving swimming lessons and empowering surf lessons to children and teens.” Thaddeus is a member of SWIMS Foundation Board, Water Smart Broward, Florida Gold Coast Masters Swimming, USA Triathlon Florida Region, and the International Water Safety Foundation.  Thaddeus has a love of the sea and all bodies of water, and has been competing in swimming and triathlons since 1984.  After moving to Florida from New York in 2003, he became certified to coach the sports of Swimming, Triathlon, Cycling, Running/Track & Field. He is a Red Cross Lifeguard and PADI Advanced Scuba Diver. He was formerly a Substitute High School Teacher in Broward, a NYC Public Schools Certified Mentor, and a NYPD Police Lieutenant (retired).

Symon Rowlands

Symon came to volunteer at StreetWaves his freshman year at The University of Miami. A skilled surfer and waterman, he was raised in Peru and Hawaii with his twin brother Timy. He honed his surfing skills, surfed competitively and gained experience working at the Hans Hedeman Surf School. He has become a great StreetWaves leader and a committed surf instructor serving the Miami-Dade community. We can always count on Symon to come through with new tricks and new treats as he is a Regional Manager for Nutribolt Corp and an all around great guy. We greatly value his service to StreetWaves.

Timy Rowlands

Timy came to volunteer with StreetWaves during his freshman year at The University of Miami. An avid surfer and lover of the ocean, he was raised in Peru and Hawaii with his twin brother Symon. He honed his surfing skills, surfed competitively and gained experience working at the Hans Hedeman Surf School. With his great surfing style and passionate desire to give back through community service, Timy has become a great StreetWaves leader and surf instructor serving our Miami-Dade community. We can always count on him to spend extra time working on the details of surfing with our participants. Timy is a talented community leader and a Regional Manager for WeWork Corp. He is a great person and we sincerely value his service to StreetWaves.

Jason Katz

Jason has been working as an instructor and mentor with StreetWaves since the very beginning. He is also the Founder of Circle of LifeSaving and the Choice Foundation. He is a retired Air Force Special Forces soldier with a heart of gold. He is also a former uniformed police officer, EMT, Paramedic, FireFighter and a Swim/Surf Instructor and lifeguard for the StreetWaves Team. He brings years of experience working with youth. He is the proud father of two awesome sons who have continuously volunteered with StreetWaves as well. He has been a loyal friend and brother to our organization. 


Spencer "Steezy Monkey" Fenton is a traveling South Florida surfer, American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, swim instructor, surfing instructor and competitive long boarder. As a post-grad home school student he brings an innovative open-minded approach to his instruction and youth mentorship. Spencer is an experienced surfer who has spent time surfing in Hawaii. He is a valuable team mate of the StreetWaves team and a wonderful associate to work with. He currently works in our daily Deerfield Beach After-school  Aquatics Enrichment Program as a certified instructor.

Calvin "Cali" Pierre

Calvin came aboard back in 2010 as a StreetWaves participant and we quickly recognized that he had a special gift in the water. He began to develop a passion for the ocean and for life. As his surfing style started to develop, so did a love for himself that encouraged him to make healthy lifestyle changes and even become a vegan. He is of Haitian heritage and a true lover of the ocean. As his West Coast / Waikiki type surfing style started to take shape we began calling him "Cali," a nickname that has stuck with him for many years and continues to exemplify not only his cool classic surf style but his cool way of clean living. We can always count on Cali to bring good vibes with him when he shows up to ride and help others do the same. A man of personal conviction and high moral character, he is a stellar example of everything that our program is about. He is a loyal Surf Instructor in Miami-Dade county but he will go where the surf is breaking and help out however he can. Cali is one amazing young man and one cool surfer dude.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 2.09.20 PM.png
Arawn "Ben"

Ben came to StreetWaves as a young little grommet looking for something to do and quickly became a regular at StreetWaves. We watched his surfing improve over the years and we have literally watched him grow about 2.5 feet! He is a great young man with a bright future. He is currently finding success as a much desired fashion model. He is one awesome surf instructor and committed team member who exemplifies how surfing and positive mentorship can support youth to be accountable for their lifestyle choices, personal self-confidence and success in life. 

Andrew Weldon
Andrew Weldon is a local South Florida surfer, Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, swim instructor, surfing instructor, long boarder and all around water enthusiast. As a post-grad home school student he brings a fresh organic approach and outlook on swimming, surfing and all things environment and water. Andrew is currently enrolled at FAU with big dreams and goals. He’s a huge asset to the StreetWaves team and an empowering mentor to our youth participants. He currently works in our daily Deerfield Beach After-school Aquatics Enrichment Program as a certified instructor. 
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 3.03.34 PM.png
Captain William "Bill"
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 6.06.45 PM.png
Captain Justin Smith



Sailor, Author, Lecturer Captain William "Bill" Pinkney A Chicago native is the first Black man of any nation to solo circumnavigate the earth via the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn. A sailor for nearly fifty years, Captain Bill started his nautical career in the Great Lakes. He is Master Emeritus of the Freedom Schooner Amistad the reproduction of the ship that spurred the Nations first Human Rights Case in the Supreme Court. "Bill" wrote a children's book "Captain Bill Pinkney's Journey, a collection for young scholars" which was published by McCraw Hill and is on their 1st grade reading curriculum. A gifted raconteur, his stories of the sea, his corporate years with Revlon and stint as a limbo dancer are sure to amuse enlighten and entertain. Honored by Presidents, academia and media alike he is a true renaissance man. 

Captain Justin Smith is a lifelong sailor and Captain of the Charter Vessel "Kai"
Justin brings years of experience and over 500,000 Nautical miles at sea. He is the backbone of our Sailing Programs and has logged countless hours at sea working with our youth. He hails from Connecticut where he began sailing with his grandparents before he could even walk. He has lived aboard sailing vessels the majority of his life and is a true Prudent Mariner and a very competent sailor and Captain.


Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 11.12.47 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 6.42.10 AM.png

Hailing from Chocolatetown USA - Hershey, Pennsylvania - Shara is as sweet as she is salty! She is a marine biologist, ocean conservationist, shark advocate, freediver, dive master and lover of all of nature's creatures. After graduating with a degree in environmental biology, Shara earned her master's degree in marine biology and worked as research assistant at the Guy Harvey Research Institute. Her research was focused on the movements and migrations of several shark species and on using scientific data to help create protected areas. She has traveled to places all over the world on a mission to conserve sharks, and she continues to spend time in the water with these amazing animals and to work to protect our oceans. Shara was called to the Streetwaves mission and joined our team in 2019. She is passionate about the benefits of connecting deeply to the sea, and she is a strong believer that the ocean is for everyone.

Rabbi Marc Labowitz brings his passionate joyful expression of Judaism, his musical talents, his intellectual, informative, and deeply spiritual orating, and his forward looking vision to his position as Rabbi of Temple Adath Or, South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal.
Rabbi Marc Labowitz’s deepest spiritual practice is to foster a world in which Freedom, Acceptance and Love are the essence of all paths. He endeavors to do this by creating a wise, warm, vibrant, caring community, based on Judaism, and the teachings of our Sages.

Rabbinic Pastorate 2002 Rabbinic Ordination 2004 Member of OHALAH: Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal

Keynote, Lecturer, and Invocations;

Federal Bar Association- Annual Induction, Ft Lauderdale Miami Bar Associtaion – Annual Induction, Miami Beach.


Gerrard is a competitive athlete, coach, Swim and Diving Instructor, outdoorsman and all around great guy. He has brought an element of professionalism, kindness and connection to communities where our work is very much needed. His understanding of the community and respect that he has earned over the years of working with youth and adults to provide water based opportunities is second to none. He is a valuable member of our team and we learn something new from Coach Gerrard everyday.

Swim & Surf Instructors are Red Cross Certified Lifeguards 

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