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Designed to expose under-represented youth to the maritime industry; focusing on boating safety, safe navigation, maritime careers and "blue economic" opportunities.


Our maritime education program is a unique opportunity designed to introduce under served youth to the exciting world of the maritime industry. Through this program, participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills related to maritime activities such as sailing, fishing, recreational boating and other water-based industries.

Participants will learn about the history of maritime activities, as well as the many careers available in this industry. This will include hands-on experiences that teach valuable skills such as navigation, seamanship, and maritime safety. These skills will not only help participants to be more knowledgeable about the industry, but also to be better prepared for future employment opportunities.

In addition to learning about the maritime industry, this program will also focus on promoting important values such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. Participants will have the opportunity to work together on group projects, as well as to develop their own personal goals and strategies for success.

Ultimately, the maritime education program is an exciting and innovative opportunity for under served youth to gain valuable knowledge and skills related to the maritime industry. By learning about this industry and developing important life skills, participants will be better equipped to pursue future employment opportunities and succeed in their chosen careers. This program is a vital resource for promoting diversity and inclusion in the maritime industry, as well as for supporting the personal and professional growth of under served youth.

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